Monday, August 16, 2010

Halloween Short Story Contest

Lately I have been itching for the cold winds of fall to send goosebumps across my skin, and the scent of burning pine and candy corn to linger in the air. Unfortunately, in Los Angeles, there isn't much of a seasons change and that natural sensation has to be manufactured at times.

I'm a huge fan of Halloween, if you haven't guessed by my choices in books and movies. To gear up for the season and to celebrate untapped talent, I'm hosting my first Halloween Short Story Contest. I'm looking for the best up to 750 word short story that celebrates trick or treating, apple bobbing, creeping out your sister or brother, and avoiding the spirits of the night.

This sounds great! But what's the trick? Where's the treat? Literary Asylum will post the winning story on this website on Halloween. The author will also get a Mary Shelley Frankenstein/Literary Asylum book bag with some wonderful spooky treats inside.

Okay, now I'm sold, what are the rules? 
1) The story needs to be about a celebration of Halloween.
2) Up to 750 words, no longer. Anything longer will be sent to the Underworld.
3) Keep your story for young readers up to 12/13 yrs old. Not looking for YA.
4) Deadline for the story is October 15th, Midnight PST
5) Please send your submissions to
6) One story submission per person

7) Illustrations are welcome (as long as you own the rights to place them with your story), otherwise we will put an image along with your story.

Writing short stories are a great way to flex your story telling muscle, get more eyeballs on your literary talent, and entertain those kiddies that like things that slither in dark corners.

What are you waiting for?! Get those fingers working. Let's celebrate the Season of the Witch, The Pumpkin King, and the belly aches after eating an entire bag of sugary goodness.

"Halloween in the Time of Cholera" provided by SteveChasmar Flikr


  1. Great Idea! I'll have to start think of a story line!

  2. Wow, sounds like so much fun! Wish I weren't so crazy busy right now. I'll go tweet the contest.

  3. I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS A PRIZE!!!! I can hardly contain myself.

  4. BAD ASS. This just made my favorite holiday THAT much better. D.M., You are my rock.

  5. Awesome contest--Halloween is my fave holiday of the year. I couldn't write it for that age group (I'm a YA gal), but I'll post this on our Contest Monday section of our blog. :)

  6. YAY! i love halloween too and this sounds fun. also love the pics you have here. fantastic.

  7. I can't even remember how I ended up here (too many tabs). Though looking at that note from Kristi it was probably because I saw her post on Sisters in Scribe. Anyway I'm not sure I can participate since I'm too sick and twisted to write MG age stuff but this blog is awesome so I have become your newest follower.

    Nice to meet you!

  8. Hey Matthew! I'm glad you stumbled in here. Welcome! I hope there will be plenty of interesting things to keep you locked up. Keep the sick and twisted alive. There are plenty of people out there that want to read it!

  9. Fun contest, and I love the photos in your post. :) I'll have to try to think of something suitably creepy to write...

  10. I love Halloween! My birthday's very close to the 31st so all my birthday parties have been costume parties, even my quinceaƱero!

  11. Very cool contest. I can't wait to take part. And even awesomer that R.L. Stine retweeted this.