Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Halloween Tree

On October 13th, five members of the collective known as The BreePod will present an interpretive reading of the Ray Bradbury children's classic The Halloween Tree.

My sublime agent, Bree Ogden, will be hosting the daily event that counts us down to All Hallows Eve. Every day there will be a new chapter read by one of the BreePod that will sure to be a mix of Dr. Seuss, David Lynch, Dario Argento, and Ed Wood.

To follow the madness return to on Oct. 13th and join the terrorific and spooktacular fun! Until then here are some Halloween goodies, sites, and images to tide you over.

Spooky Blue is a site that shows you how to make paper mache pumpkins, skulls, and other creepy goodies.

Countdown to Halloween is a site that does just what it says. It also links you to several other sites/blogs dedicated to the best holiday of the year. Be warned, there are some sites that are not for children. Parents prescreen before letting the little ones view.

Monster Kid Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to all of the great monster movie classics. No current gore fests here. All classic goodness! One of my faves.

Next up is a portion of the animated version of The Halloween Tree. All seven parts of the video can be viewed at the brand new Literary Asylum You Tube channel, if you care to watch. 

And finally, a few images of The Halloween Tree.

Stay tuned for more Halloween treats, short stories, words of wisdom from master story tellers, and candy bags full of great interviews!


  1. Okay those are some seriously spookMAZING sites. This is going to be a great Halloween.

  2. I'm so glad we're not the only ones who are already getting geared up for Halloween!

    Interpretative reading of The Halloween Tree? I'll definitely be checking that out!