Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scorsese and Hugo Cabret

I just read a post this morning that Martin Scorsese is attached to direct a big screen adaptation of Hugo Cabret! John Logan who penned "The Aviator" is attached as well. Wow. How cool would that be.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Digging in

Part of the reason for this blog is to keep myself in check. I have been trying my best to get up early in the morning to write and then stay up later at night to write. Giving myself as much time as possible to finish the first draft of my middle grade novel. I am 5,500 words in and still clicking away. I hope to have a tight story within the 8,000 word range. At this time, I don't want to release the premise into the ether just yet. With my track record of saying what I am working on, something shows up shortly after of the same idea. I am tapped into the universe of ideas already taken. Not this time!!

This ms started as a nightly typing exercise and challenge to myself to keep my butt in the chair and type at least 500 words a night. For the most part I have stuck with that plan and all the random typing planted a seed. The seed sprouted and is growing into something that I really love. I just hope that I can make it as funny as it is in my mind. And I hope it is something that someone would want to read.

Tomorrow, back at it. Morning and night. Click click click.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Journey

In my writing journey there are days that I'm Batman, some days I'm Joker, and many days I'm Gotham City. What does all that really mean to anyone? Well, not much. Especially since I will most likely be the only one reading my own blog.

It means to me - at times I am brave, at times I am crazy, and many times I am full of noise. Voices calling out from the streets, ideas tipping over and running everywhere. Not a tamed thought within reach. Like many writers in the world I struggle with a schedule and the lack of focus to finish one project after the next.

There are more than a lion's share of blogs that can help the writer on how to write, how to find an agent or what to do when your book is published. I don't have that advice. Not now. I'm like you. I have my own demons to battle. A family life to live and a job to survive.

This is about my journey through the deep dark recesses of a cluttered wasteland known as my brain (aka Gotham). My daily battle with the Joker voice that tells me I'm no good and I am crazy for trying to fight through a sea of other crazies with the same dream or writing for children. Why not hang it up? The voice says. Why are you so worried about what they say?

Like Batman, I will trudge through the darkness. I will fight the thousand voices screaming out ideas. I will pin down one after the next and wrestle them to completion - battle scars and all. Let the ink flow like blood. Let the war begin.

What do I have to lose? My sanity perhaps? Maybe, just a little bit. But it will be documented within the walls of my literary asylum.