Monday, February 28, 2011

Stories for Children Magazine Is Now A Paying Market

Great news for anyone wanting to write and submit stories for children. Check out the press release below. Good luck!

The exciting growth and changes continue to occur at Stories for Children Magazine and we are pleased to announce it is now a paying market for its contributors. This award-winning Ezine has been working hard to become a paying market and after three years of publication, the dream has become a reality.

“Since the beginning, I have always wanted to make Stories for Children Magazine a paying market for writers. I’m glad to see my dream has become a reality. We have worked hard along with the volunteer SFC Team to make this happen,” states VS Grenier. “We will be contacting contributors already selected for publication with this news and a contract for payment in the upcoming weeks. This is only the beginning and we are planning more exciting changes over the new few months and years.”

Stories for Children Magazine’s re-launch issue is planned for April 2011. They are open to submissions and are looking for fiction, nonfiction, poems, crafts, activities, puzzles and youth submissions. You can find their guidelines at under the contributors section. Grenier did state the new guidelines reflecting the changes from a nonpaying market to a paying market for contributors is being finalized and should be up on the website within a week.

Even though the relaunch issue is not until April 2011, you can still visit this fun, family friendly Ezine each month. “We’ll be posting book reviews, crafts, coloring pages and more for FREE each month,” states Grenier.

Stories for Children Magazine placed in the Top Ten for Best Magazine in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry in the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll 2008. So come take an adventure in the World of Ink with Stories for Children Magazine


  1. So cool! My first publication was a poem in Stories for Children. :D

  2. Me too, Lisa! My first published story was through SFC. So happy for them.

  3. Fantastic! Thanks for the heads up, D.M. :)

  4. Awesome! They published a story of mine in 2009--it's great to hear that they're still going strong :)

  5. Guess I'm hopelessly out of touch. I just now found this site, and the links above are dead. ??