Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crow Toes Flies No More - RIP

Incredibly heartbreaking news that makes you want to cry. My favorite children's literary magazine is stopping the presses. I only wish I had the backing to help them or even take over. This is such a sad day. Here is the press release from their website.

The Final Word
Monday, February 28th, 2011 – My name is Christopher Millin. You may or may not know me as CTQ’s Christopher. I am also the creator and publisher of Crow Toes Quarterly. I am stepping in for The Narrator today, because he doesn’t quite know how to put this into words. So I will try for him. After more than four years and after sixteen unbelievable issues, we have decided to stop the presses, turn off the computers and set the crow free. To be more precise, we have decided to bring our little adventure to an end. This decision was not made lightly. In fact, it was made with a hundred and twenty pounds of rocks on our backs.

Crow Toes Quarterly chose to stay pure, my friends... to make it all about the words and the art and not about selling someone’s shiny new toy (yes, we strayed a few times, but it is only human nature to try new things). And though our stance (and the lack of money this stance brings in) may be one of the big reasons we are bringing this to THE END, it is not something we would have changed.

You see, Crow Toes Quarterly was created out of a love of “playfully dark” children’s literature and the delightful artwork that often accompanies it. It was created to showcase the amazing artists, poets and authors out there who aren’t being recognized by major publishers. And I think we succeeded in showcasing some of the greatest writers and artists in the world (even if you’ve never seen their books on the shelves at Chapters or Barnes & Noble).

I look at the pile of stories sitting in front of me waiting to be read... to be published, and it breaks my heart that most of them never will... But putting out a magazine like CTQ with essentially a staff of one (even if it’s only 4 times a year) is a time consuming and costly thing. If passion paid well, this magazine would be published till the end of time and I’d be living in a mansion on my own private island, but passion can only take you so far. My hope is that there are people out there who can take this concept and continue on with it. I can assure those people that there is more than enough quality content available to do something like this until the end of time.

So what will we do now? Well, I will return to my other (less costly) passion, writing, and I will work on getting my second novel in The Hole Stories published. It is called Fowl, Swine and Things That Send Shivers Down Your Spine and it is exactly as the title claims: terrifying and full of birds and pigs. If you’re interested in looking at it, please email me at christopher@crowtoesquarterly.com (wink wink nudge nudge). I will also return to the world of espionage from where I came. Oh, how I missed those spying days! The Narrator has signed on with a company that records readings of public domain books and posts them online for free. Ogilvy will return to the grape farm and learn the art of making great grape jelly. Our Staff Villain will be returning to his northern underground lair where he’ll continue to work on taking over the Internet. And Poinsettia will be doing what she does best... travelling around the world and writing about all her many travel adventures. Don’t you worry, the CTQ Staff will be just fine.

In the past four years, we have made a lot of great friends and it would be unwise for us to leave without thanking them for their support. Firstly, I’d like to thank Bonnie and John Millin, who helped us get off the ground. Without their financial contribution and unending support, we would’ve remained a great idea never to have been. I’d like to thank Richard and Jane Stapleton, for allowing us to use their home as our warehouse and mailing facility. I’d like to thank Laura Millin for her support through the highs and the lows of the magazine... for promoting the magazine whenever she could and for dealing with all the money stuff (and with me). She was (and is) an unbelievable woman! I’d like to thank BCAMP for helping us get our name out there during those early days and for teaching us the ins and outs of being a small Canadian publisher. I’d like to thank Magazines Canada for seeing something in us and pushing to get us into stores right from the get go. I’d like to thank Michael Sasi (M.S.T. Company) for being a great contributor over the years (starting with our very first issue) and for continuing to be a great friend. He is the type of author I envisioned for the magazine before I started soliciting submissions. I still consider our paths crossing some sort of otherworldly intervention. In that same vein, I’d like to thank Kristian Adam, CTQ cover artist (five times), M.S.T. Company collaborator and another good friend to come out of this. His artwork is awe-inspiring and again, exactly what I envisioned when I was putting the magazine together. I’d like to thank all the other authors and artists that have contributed to CTQ over the years. Your work will continue to inspire young readers for years to come. And it will continue to inspire me! Lastly, I’d like to thank the readers and supporters of CTQ. Without you, we would’ve disappeared after our second or third issue. Thank you for helping make CTQ the best darn children's literature magazine in the Milky Way (my humble opinion)! Thank you! Thank you!

We will continue to sell back issues until they’re gone...and until that time, the website will stay up. If you want a little piece of CTQ, make sure you head over to our online store and buy a few copies. There aren’t many copies left, so don’t waste any time thinking about it. And If you’d like to take stroll down memory lane (just watch out for the garbage bins on the right) and remember all the zany things that went on here over the years, head on over to The Narrator’s Blog and start reading. Ahh reading! It was reading that got us into this and now it is reading that will take us out.
Read always, my friends, and always enjoy!

Christopher Millin

PS. Our back issues (issue 1 to issue 9) are on sale right now for only $5 each and our "special" print edition back issues are on sale for only $8 each. That price includes shipping, handling and all those pesky little taxes. Now is definitely the time to complete your collection or to start a collection for someone you know. For more information, put on your galoshes and head on over to our online store. It's not far from here.



  1. This breaks my heart having only just learned of CTQ these past few months in knowing you and RJP. Is there any possibility of a digital platform CTQ int he future?

  2. Very sad! :( I wish them the best in their future endeavors...

  3. I need to get myself the 9 issues. I wish if I could help them with something :(