Friday, July 29, 2011

A THRILLING contest and celebration!

In celebration of the upcoming release of Walden Pond Press' Guys Read: THRILLER (Aug 2011) and our favorite holiday - HalloweenLiterary Asylum (that's us) and Underneath the Juniper Tree in association with Walden Pond Press want YOU to give us your best opening paragraph or two of the most thrilling, terrifying, spooky, creepy, and crazy MG/YA story you can muster.

Here's your motivation. The top writer will receive a copy of GR:THRILLER signed by the ambassador of Children's Lit himself Jon ScieszkaAnd, your paragraph/s will appear in an upcoming issue of UTJT. And, there is more! How is that even possible? The winning writer will be interviewed on the Literary Asylum blog to celebrate your thrilling job well done.

This sounds so amazing it has to be a TRICK of the Halloween. No, it is a wonderful TREAT that we want to share with you. So break out those writing implements and get cracking.

Whatever you do, don't forget to THRILL us.

Contest Rules

1) Submit your best work up to two paragraphs. Anything beyond that will not be read and taken out of the running.
2) Send your submissions in the BODY of the email, not attachments (they will not be opened) to the following emails (either or - no need to do both) OR
3) Be sure to put THRILLER contest submission in the RE: Line or it may get overlooked.
4) Deadline is OCTOBER 13th (why because we like that number) at MIDNIGHT
5) Follow our blogs (links above) and join us on Twitter


6) Most of all, have fun and keep the kids in mind. Let's give them stories that will keep them reading late at night!


  1. I love scary things! Great contest. I just sent mine... :)

  2. Yo! Word.

    *I'm a better writer than commentor. I hope. :D

    Kickin' around ideas now!

  3. Not my best submission, but I had to enter. Typos, someone should cut my fingers off.