Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The BEST place to be... Underneath the Juniper Tree!

RAWRRRrrrrrrRRRRr! (since I don't squeee). That is how I feel about the launch of the brand new Underneath the Juniper Tree website! If you don't know about the best and most darkly deeeelish children's literature web magazine on this blue marble then you need to do yourself a favor and - run like banshees are behind you about to swallow you up - get over to the website.

Here is the link: http://underneaththejunipertree.com/

Congrats to Tex and Marjorie for such a wonderful and amazing and fun and amazing (yes, I said it twice) place for all of us kid litters with a love for the creepy to hang and share stories. I am SO proud of you two and all the other creepers involved!


  1. Your toes are always safe. Gosh dangit. If only I could get you to say something mean...

  2. I have had so much fun with Underneath the Juniper Tree!